Interrogative Flow-Based Application Visibility and Security

  • Flow-Based Application Visibility and Security
  • Interrogate Your Network, Not Your Application Owners
  • Interrogative Application Security
  • Understand The Applications On Your Network Like Never Before using 
    Flow-Based Application Visibility and Security

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Flow-Based Application Visibility and Security


  • See exactly how all your applications communicate
  • 100% agentless application visibility
  • No need to install agents on all of your servers
  • Works with any Hypervisor and all virtual and physical firewalls
  • Supports Netflow and IPFIX flow collection


  • Design a universal hierarchal security model that works
  • Build grouping objects for network segments, subnets, servers and applications
  • See how different grouping objects communicate and build policies based on live flow data, not outdated and inaccurate application diagrams


  • Define groups of servers and see how they communicate based on flow data, build ruleset reports based on that data and get micro-segmentation right the first time
  • Take the guess work out of micro-segmentation
  • Avoid costly and dangerous misconfigurations


  • Combine vCenter, IPAM, CMDB and DNS with grouping objects containing those inventory items along with logical IPsets into a single source of truth
  • Build a complete inventory for all active network traffic based on active Netflow and IPFIX data
  • Build a hierarchy of groups which contain inventory items, IPsets and other groups


  • Easily move through PCI, HIPPA, GDPR and SOX audits with built in reports that show exactly who is talking to what and how.
  • Show a group of systems that comprise an application and report all communication to and from that group of systems.

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Interrosec, LLC was founded in 2019 by a team of network security architects, data scientists and developers supported by a board of advisors and investors.

“You cannot secure what you cannot see”
“Interrogate your network, not your application owners”

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